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Silver Bowl and Spoon for Babies

Silver Bowl and Spoon for Babies

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Bowl & Spoon Set 


  • Net Weight 32 grams +
  • Safe For Babies Feeding Bacteria Free , Environment Safe No Lead No Cadmium
  • Silver Bowl & Spoon For Navratri / New born Gift / Diwali Pooja Charnamrit Mandir Item
  • Ideal For Servings Of Ghee On Table Indian Food Royalty
  •  Products are BIS HALLMARKED by Bureau of Indian Standards, and Indian Govt Quality Control body, thus gives an guarantee for purity of precious silver and 100 % harmful cadmium free.

Experience the pinnacle of purity and elegance with our BIS Hallmarked Silver Bowl and Spoon Set. Each piece is meticulously crafted and certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards and the Indian Government Quality Control body, ensuring the guarantee of precious silver purity and being 100% cadmium-free, making it safe for both you and the environment.

This exquisite set is versatile and perfect for various occasions, whether it's for Navratri, a new born gift, or a Diwali pooja. It adds a touch of sacredness and charm to any religious or festive event, enhancing the spiritual ambiance.

Designed for serving ghee, this set embodies the essence of Indian food royalty. The silver bowl and spoon provide a regal touch to your dining table, elevating the experience of traditional Indian cuisine. The luxurious shine and intricate design make it a true statement piece.

With a net weight of 32 grams or more, our silver bowl and spoon set exudes quality craftsmanship and durability. Each piece is skilfully crafted to perfection, ensuring a long-lasting investment that can be treasured for generations.

Not only is this set aesthetically pleasing, but it is also safe and hygienic. It is bacteria-free, making it ideal for feeding babies and ensuring their well-being. Rest assured, our silver bowl and spoon set is free from harmful substances like lead and cadmium, providing a healthy and secure option for your loved ones.

Indulge in the luxury of our BIS Hallmarked Silver Bowl and Spoon Set, where purity meets elegance. Embrace the rich heritage and cultural significance it carries, and make every occasion a truly memorable and cherished experience.

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