Terms and Conditions

CaratCafe reserves the right to process and ship orders only if the terms and conditions listed below are accepted with a confirmed agreement from the buyer. It is mandatory that a purchaser adheres to all the regulations stated below while placing an order with CaratCafe.

CaratCafe cannot give an assurance for the exact color or shade and texture as visible on the website. The way the colors are displayed on CaratCafe may vary depending on your computer’s color resolution settings. Also, monitors are designed or adjusted to display colors in a different way. However, we assure that the color of the Item will be an identical match to the one displayed on the website.

The content of this website is meant for information purposes only. It should not be considered as a professional advice or recommendation of any product or service offered by any other company dealing with similar products or services.

Please note that the “Tailor-made” or "Customized” facility offered by CaratCafe has a stringent clause – “NO RETURN OR REFUND CONDITION” as these sizes are specified by you. These items are separately ordered from manufacturers as soon as the order is placed. Hence, the clause of “NO RETURN OR REFUND CONDITION” is reserved for this category. It is important for you as a purchaser to note that this decision is final and binds to all the customers buying from CaratCafe.

CaratCafe does not take responsibility for order losses if a buyer provides incomplete or misdirected address. In such cases, the order may be delivered to a wrong place or returned to the sender. Therefore, it is our humble request that you recheck the entered address prior to submitting it to us.

Any order cancellation after the confirmation of order from the customer or after the payment is processed will not be accepted.

We are strictly against or do not involve ourselves in making Silver products which includes Lead or Cadmium. 

Customers should agree not to make disputes or claims on payment for situations as described above or for any other reasons that breaches ‘Terms & Conditions’. Any claim relating to reimbursement or other issues that contradict this disclaimer will be considered fraudulent and gives the reason for prosecution.